Davao: Fruits

Eversince I arrived last Monday, eating durian has always been on my mind. That’s why last Tuesday, with Jem and Lou, my coworkers proceeded to the fruitstand along Ponciano Street, a few meters walk from the office and bought and ate two pieces of durian of the Puyat variety. Just delicious. Very delicious.

Durians of the Puyat variety

Pomelo and marangs at the fruitstand

Carts of pomelos line Roxas Ave. near Ateneo de Davao University. These are cheaper than those found at the fruitstands

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  1. davao grows more fruits more than anywhere else in the country because of its favorable environment. that is also the reason why we have the philippine eagle and the waling-waling here and nowhere else. maybe its because of mount apo. come to davao. even just for the fruits, you’ll love it.