Another trip in Binondo

Well, I was on another errand in Sta. Cruz and just couldn’t resist to drop by Ongpin in Binondo. At first, I was just planned to have a snack of bola-bola siopao in one snack house near the Binondo church (the one I frequent). The steamed bun was just so so with not even a piece of salted egg and/or sliver of sausage but I bet, their special siopao would be much much better and larger (I think). This coupled with avocado shake and I was full.

On the way back, I can’t just help but imagine the taste of the mixed nuts with one salted egg yolk mooncake that I had two days ago and was definitely craving to get one that when I passed by the Salazar bakery, I saw and got one. Off to Eng Bee Tin and I got their squid adobo and special puto cheese (hmmm, after having tasted it, I say I prefer those that I usually get in Cebu, moist and really cheesy but the sliver of salted egg on top somewhat made up for the shortcoming).

From their, on my way back to the Carriedo LRT station, I passed by a couple of fruit stands and bought guavas as well as this strange fruit they call lampara that almost takes like mansanitas but a little bit less sweeter. There were also pears, peaches, lansones from Bangkok, different kinds of persimons and plums but I stayed off from these considering the price. Just before I got to the station, I happened to chance upon a stall selling kikiam (meat and vegetable mixture wrapped in beancurd) and got one package.

This place is really very tempting for various food items. I just hope that when I get back there probably tomorrow, I can reign in my curiosity. :-)