Turon 2 go, a new take on this Pinoy snack

turon 2 go

turon 2 go The typical Filipino turon is ripe saba banana with a sliver of jackfruit inside it and then wrapped in lumpia wrapping. It is then cooked with brown sugar that the end result is a crispy, sweet and delicious snack with the caramelized sugar coating all over. It sells from P10 – P12 per piece.

Now comes turon 2 go that tries to improve this humble snack. Does it succeed? Well, the only difference is that there’s the packaging as well as the sweet filling of chocolate (at P16) and other fruit flavors of banana, strawberry, mango, orange and pineapple (sells at P18 a piece) which is then injected at point of sale. These are sold at small mall spaces. Is it worth it? For the price, perhaps, its a bit overpriced but I do like the addition of a sweet sauce. Not filling though compared to the typical turon.