Pyromusical competition at MOA

Portugal's fireworks display

Britain's fireworks piece
It has been 6 years since I’ve watched a big fireworks event at the Mall of Asia, the first one was in 2005 when it was still called the Pyro Olympics. Now, its known as the Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition.

Two Saturdays ago, upon the invitation of the event organizers, three of us travel bloggers Chyng and James plus some other bloggers were there to witness the competition between Portugal and the United Kingdom, last year’s winner.

After a bad start photographing, I was at a not so good location and was using my wide angle lens, I changed focal lengths and eventually focused on the ball of fireworks, closer. But anyway, watching the fireworks is always great: the colors, the shapes, and what I do like the most is that the display were in such a way that it jived with the accompanying music.

Portugual was the first to show. Impressive and beautiful, highly colorful with those multicolored fireworks but it was the one by the United Kingdom, the awaited contender, that bowled me over. There’s was rather complex and gradually building in intensity and oomph to the end.

To better appreciate the fireworks competition, its best to be there at the MOA grounds but you need to get tickets for this one. Check their website for more information and price. There are two more competition dates left.

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